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The Rotary Club of Marikina is the mother club of the 19 Rotary clubs in Zone 4, RI District 3800, Philippines. It is headed by Life Changing President Manuel F. Pecho for Rotary Year 2021-2022.

RC Marikina is the third oldest Rotary Club & one of the large club in R.I. District 3800, serving the city of Marikina and the municipalities of San Mateo and Rodriguez, Rizal.

It is the Mother Club of Rotary Club of East Rizal (November 19, 1975); Rotary Club of Marikina North (September 3, 1980); Rotary Club of Marikina West (June 28, 1984); Rotary Club of Marikina Central (April 4, 1985); Rotary Club of Rizal Mideast (June 1, 1993); Rotary Club of Metro Marikina (May 24, 2000); Rotary Club of San Mateo (February 4, 2007); Rotary Club of Marikina South (June 26, 2008); Rotary Club of Rodriguez (May 18, 2011); Rotary Club of Marikina Valley (February 12, 2014); and Rotary E-Club of Marikina (April 1, 2014).

It is the Sister Club of RC Fukushima (RI District 2530, Japan), RC Bangkok South (RI District 3350, Thailand), RC Joam (RI District 3750, South Korea), RC Brunswick (RI District 9800, Australia), RC Kamuning (RI District 3780), RC Baguio South (RI District 3790), RC Malolos (RI District 3790), RC Ortigas Center (RI District 3800), RC Batangas (RI District 3820), RC Cavinti (RI District 3820), RC Tanauan (RI District 3820), RC Makati West (RI District 3830), RC Bacolod (RI District 3850) and RC Zamboanga West (RI District 3850).

It is the home club of 74 Active Members (31 Past Presidents) and 3 Honorary Members. It has produced 3 District Governors namely, PDG Ting Tanco (1993-1994), PDG Efren de Guzman (2002-2003), and PDG Jun Farcon (2010-11).

It is the Most Outstanding Rotary Club in RY 1996-1997, RY 2000-2001, RY 2005-2006, and RY 2007-2008. One of the Most Outstanding Rotary Clubs in RY 1998-1999, RY 2001-2002, RY 2002-2003, RY 2009-2010, RY 2010-2011, RY 2014-2015 and RY 2019-2020. And one of the Outstanding Rotary Clubs in RY 1997-1998, RY 1999-2000, RY 2003-2004, RY 2004-2005, RY 2006-2007, RY 2012-2013 (With Distinction), RY 2016-2017, RY 2018-2019 and RY 2020-2021.

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Rotary Leaders

Paul Harris
(Founder of Rotary)

Shekhar Mehta
(RI President)

Augusto Soliman
(District Governor)

Manuel Pecho
(Club President)